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Cyborg Music -*- "Borg9" (2015)

This album includes six original tracks
designed with the function in mind to cause intense,
unique and powerful feelings and changes in your
emotions that result in complex states of perception.

This album is a deep trip across the human emotions
that connect with your blissful inner harmony and strike
so deep in your mind you will return to enjoy again
and again.

We are in a matrix and a part of mystery is hidden in
six songs requiring voyages around the cosmos and
finally back to reality with a new impulse, a new energy.

"Borg9" is a fine and powerful selection of progressive songs,
the cover was carefully manufactured and contain all the
information that you need.

Deep respect to you!


♦1 - 08:10 (145bpm) ♫ Two Drops of Love
♦2 - 08:28 (146bpm) ♫ Invisible Passion
♦3 - 08:20 (138bpm) ♫ Astral Body Sounding
♦4 - 07:43 (140bpm) ♫ Something for your mind
♦5 - 07:41 (145bpm) ♫ Art Byte Beat
♦6 - 08:34 (140bpm) ♫ Firebird

Total Time: 48.55

Preview Songs (Only):: 2.30min.-


Artist:: GD aka Cyborg Music
Release:: "Borg9"
Genre:: Psychedelic
Style:: Psy-Prog
Tracks:: Six
Play-time:: 48:55 min.
Aritist Web::
Label:: Cyberpunk Argentina Netlabel
Url Label::
Release Date:: 2015
Format:: MP3
Bitrate:: VBR kbps
Mode:: Joint Stereo

Released 2014-2015
Posted at Bandcamp 2015

.x[Total Tracks[5]x.-*-.x[Play-Time[48:55].x

Cyborg Music - "Borg9"
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Cyborg Music::

All Rights Reserved © 2015


released July 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Cyborg Music Argentina

"A cyborg, a hybrid of machine and organism,

is a fictional creature but also has an actual existence...

is it an illusion or a new reality?

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